2013 Act 3 – Day 3 – Rolly’s Brownies UK Nationals

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Day 3 of the Rolly’s Brownies Moth Nationals saw the Mothies greeted by a 12 knot breeze from the west again, which was to make for perfect race conditions with the sun bearing down on the fleet it made for some fantastic sailing and picture taking condition for the photography’s one things for sure Foil town has not let us down . And not to temp fait this could be the first Championship that will see all 12 races complete fingers crossed.

Race 7 Got away with Tom Offer going off a bit premature and being declared OCS but Rob Greenhalgh continue his great pace to take the win from Chris Rashley and Simon Hiscocks in 3rd ,4th place was taken by Eelco Boers who seemed to be loving these conditions in his ninja. Once again it was great to see 3 different manufactures in the top 4 .

Race 8 Got away cleanly as the race officer had his hawk eyes on to day this Saw a different Leader but not someone that’s new to the front. Simon had it all his own way to take the win with Rob Greenhalgh 2nd and Chris Rashley 3rd Mike Lennon came in 4th.

Race 9 Was sailed in a fresher 16 Knot breeze which once again got away clean, Chris Rashley showed some blistering speed downwind and then went onto to take a well-earned win from Rob Greenhalgh with Ben Paton flexing his Guns at last to take 3rd and Mike Lennon 4th although this was a Exocet 1st to 4th but there were 3 different rigs and sails begin used on them.

Top Ten

1st Rob Greenhalgh

2nd Chris Rasley

3rd Simon Hiscocks

4th Mike Lennon

5th Jason Belben

6th Tom Offer

7th Ben Paton

8th Peter Barton

9th Eelco Boers

10th Gareth Davies

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