Mach2 McDougall/McConaghy supports the 2014 EFG MothEuroCup.

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We are proud to announce that Mach2 McDougall/McConaghy is on board as a strong supporter of the 2014 EFG MothEuroCup.

The Mach2 McDougall/McConaghy Moth has been THE dominating foiling Moth design, winning every World Championship since its launch in 2009. Andrew McDougall created a boat that is delivered to your front door and able to foil the same day! With a constantly evolving Moth Class, Mach2 continues to lead with innovative systems, foil, sail designs, and strong event support.

Mach2 will be supporting every event with multiple vouchers for their online shop. In order for you to get foiling ASAP please visit:

For more information about Mach2 please visit:

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