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MAR_1136Driving through the Austrian Alps is memorable. The mountains are currently a lush green due to recent rainfall in Austria. The Traunsee has bright green water and is surrounded by mountainous terrain. Act 3 of the EFG MothEuroCup has officially started with 24 sailors from 6 countries. Unfortunately, the start of the regatta has been less than spectacular. After a short postponement on land, the race committee sent the sailors out to sail in a newly developed north-easterly breeze. Swiss Moth Sailor Philip Käsermann, aka Cheezy even hit 26 knots of boat speed in one of the puffs! But the breeze evaporated after 15 minutes, leaving the sailors drifting back to shore. The local Race Committee has announced an early warning signal at 9h25 tomorrow morning for the first race, and the forecast looks promising.

MAR_1153Moth sailing is spectacular, fast paced and technologically advanced. We already know that. But what about the sailors that have been infected by the moth virus? Who are they?
Some of them are lucky enough to make a living from professional sailing on racing boats, but most of them have regular day jobs and try to find enough time to practice and race whenever possible.

MAR_1218If you’re flying from Geneva, Switzerland, Philip Käsermann might be your air traffic controller. It’s a pretty intense job with a lot of responsibility! Phillipe has been sailing moths for few years now and is the Swiss Moth Class President. He keeps his Mach2 moth at the Societe Nautique in Geneva and plans his work schedule according to the week’s wind forecast. Together with his friend Fabien Froesch (also from Geneva) they are two of the most active moth sailors in Switzerland.

Carlo Mäge and his son Max both sail Moths. Carlo is a co-owner of a financial advising business in Münich, Germany and his son Max is studying to become a home contractor. Carlo has been in the moth class since the beginning of the Bladerider. His first time sailing the moth was an interesting experience, because after sailing for twenty minutes he was beyond exhausted. At the age of fifty, Carlo had two choices, cancel his order or start going to the gym! He chose the latter and now enjoys sailing his Mach2 moth, that has a zebra inspired hull design. He even won the award for best designed Moth at the 2012 Moth World Championships in Campione! Those are just a few of the sailors here, as the event goes on we will introduce a few more.

Thank you to the sailors for joining us atAct 3 of the EFG MothEuroCup. We have an early start tomorrow with a maximum of 6 races scheduled.

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May 30, 2014 Act 3 – Day 1 from EFG MothEuroCup on Vimeo.