Not always wind in paradise…

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MAR_0505No matter how technically advanced sailing has become, the fact remains that sailors still remain dependent on the wind’s benevolence.  Not a lot of places in the world have steady 15-20 knots, 365 days a year.  So, what do sailors do when there is no wind?  It is the deep dark secret of competitive sailing.  Well, the secret is out!  Sailors talk about sailing and drink cappuccinos.  Today’s main topic, boat handling.  The moth is a ‘simple’ boat.  The boat has one sail and only needs 5 controls to get around the race course.  Of course, the sailors can add to that number easily.  One particular sailor has 10 control lines to adjust every aspect of his foils, mast, and sail.  The local veteran Olympic 470 sailor, Kalle Coster NED, explained “it would be fun to put accelerometers on the boat to understand how the boat reacts, but that really doesn’t matter until I get around the race course without falling from the foils.”  Moth sailing is an addiction, it begins as soon as you foil for the first time.  If you only foil for 2 seconds, you are ready to do it again, with a mouthful of water and a smile on your face.  The trick is getting to know your boat and how to handle it.  Once you start handling the moth, instead of it handling you, you begin to focus on sailing and tactics.  After that, you can let your mind wonder on mast bend, foil design, and sail shape.  So, we can almost guarantee that your loved one that moth sails, when he or she looks like they are day-dreaming about something important.  They are thinking about how to complete that foiling tack, or whether a stiffer mast would be better with that sail they didn’t really like.


The EFG MothEuroCup would like to give warm thanks to our event managers, PRO Alex and  Dock Manager Michael.  They have been incredibly helpful.  Since today’s racing has been officially canceled for the moth fleet, the race management has shuffled their resources to get the fleet out racing, with a 10 am warning signal.  There will be a max of 5 races tomorrow, with a scheduled time limit of 4 pm.  It is very special to have a professional level of fleet and race management.  Yesterday, as the team got all the boats from the water to shore, Nils Akervall SWE mentioned, “I have never gotten this much service at a regatta before”.

The EFG MothEuroCup sailors and organizers would also like to thank our sponsors, we would not have the prize money or event awards without our partnerships.  EFG is a global private bank, based out of Zurich, Switzerland and they are our title sponsor for the series.  SLAM clothing company, is based out of Genoa, Italy and they are our official clothing sponsor.  Mach2 is the leading moth boat builder in the world and also series sponsor.  FSE Robline is a ever growing ropes company, supplying the best rope for a large range of yachting.  FSE Robline is joining us for ACT 2 & 3 of our series, we welcome them onboard!

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