Rounding the top mark in first is easy…..

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May 9, 2014 Carcans – Maubuisson, France

MAR_8617  MAR_8634  MAR_8543

Rounding the top mark in first place is easy but holding on to it is not! Many times the first place sailor would fall from the foils due to a lull and watch while other competitors on either side would catch a puff and continue foiling around the mark and down the leeward leg.


The wind was not as good as yesterday, but luckily tomorrow there is a promise of more wind. The direction of the wind was more right, so the dune near the windward mark came more into play. The puffs would develop on either side of the dune and sweep down the edges of the course. Mathieu Frei of France, a 49er sailor had a great day with a 3,3,2 said it was “very important to keep your head out of the boat and find the next wind line.” Sometimes this is not an easy thing to do when the boat is not propely set up. Giovanni Galeotti BEL won the day with 2,2,1 moving to 2nd overall, four points behind Chris Rast SUI. They were both seen rounding the mark laughing together, both knowing that the final result of the race was based more or less on a coin toss. Giovanni also shared with us that he found that yesterday he was not happy with his rig and sail set up, so he changed it today and felt a lot better. This obviously showed in the results.

Overnight leader Pablo Arandia had some bad luck today when his hiking strap broke in the second race, forcing him to retire and get it fixed in time for the last race of the day. With more breeze forecasted for tomorrow he will be a force to be reckoned with!

 MAR_8631  MAR_8590 MAR_8572

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