The British Dominate

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MAR_9886The International Moth Class is known for being a classy bunch of guys. They are always willing to help out a fellow sailor when they are in need. Even when a sailor, in this case Carlo De Paoli ITA, last minute can not find the keys to his friends car to change into his sailing gear, so he was without anything. The remaining guys in the boat park collected enough gear for him to get on the water. The moth is a fragile boat and does break time and again. Marco Lanulfi ITA broke a piece of his wand mechanism and made his way back to the dock, and with the help of fellow sailors was able to fix it in time for the third start. The other stories from the dock include Wibke Wriggers GER started her day by getting launched from her boat while the boat continued to sail away from her. Not very often does the moth sail away from the skipper since it only weighs about 30 kg total. In rare cases, weird things happen, and it can travel very fast in one direction when the situation is just right. So, Wibke had a nice long swim before she started her day of racing. Eelco Boers came back to the dock with a boat full of water, hoping that he did not put the tape over the hole correctly. It is very hard to foil the moth when it is full of water.


The first day is complete for Act 2 of the EFG MothEuroCup. The top three sailors were the British trio; Chris Rashley GBR, Ben Paton GBR, and Tom Offer GBR. They had a comfortable speed advantage around the entire race course. Chris Rashley explained that he had some major boat failure in the first and second race that he held together quite well, finishing both races in first. Ben Paton and Chris Rashley had a good fight in the last race but Ben was able to keep his lead to the finish.

The wind from this morning unexpectedly stayed around for the afternoon. The PRO was able to complete 4 races without any problem, getting the sailors back to the dock in time to wash up and enjoy a meal together at the local pub. The other stand out sailor was Giovanni Galeotti BEL, our ACT 1 third place, sitting now in 4th position. Chris Rast SUI and Stefeno Rizzi ITA were also battling it out today on the race course. Through out the entire fleet the sailors are testing out new equipment, foils, and mast/sail combination. Even the top guys that had an advantage throughout the day were not happy with their speed and are considering new set ups. There is never a point when the sailor is satisfied with their performance. If they stop reaching for the next faster step, they have already lost boats!

MAR_9927We are hoping for more wind tomorrow than the forecast is telling us right now.

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