A beautiful day, not a windy day

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MAR_6663Thun is a beautiful place but not always the windiest. The regatta has not officially started since we were not able to get any races completed. The race committee was on top of their game sending the fleet out as the wind switched to its normal afternoon thermal. We were able to set a course and start the race, but the wind did not stay around long enough. Tomorrow is a new day, and the first warning signal is at 08h30 sharp.

MAR_6724Today we are going to highlight a couple of sailors that are here this weekend! The Swiss Moth Class has been growing over the last five years and its mostly due to Jean-Pierre Ziegert – de Siebenthal’s enthusiasm and drive. Based out of Geneva JPZ has introduced many Swiss guys to the beauty of moth sailing. Arnaud Psarofaghisis one of the Swiss that got introduced to the moth and remembered the “immediate silence once he started foiling”, he has been hooked ever since. Arnaud is a well-accomplished professional sailor, sail designer and sail-maker. Before he started moth sailing he sailed mostly on keelboats and made a name for himself in the sailing community competing on the world match racing circuit. He began sailing the moth in 2008, putting a generous amount of time into sailing this challenging boat. All of that work paid off when he won the 2008 and 2009 Moth European Championship. Arnaud now sails on the Extreme40 circuit with the RealstoneTeam as helmsman and mainsail trimmer. Arnaud explained that the moth is a good training tool for the Extreme40, “the moth is more reactive, and you must think and act faster.”

MAR_6552Watch making and moth sailing have very little in common, but Fabien Froesch, of Geneva, Switzerland, has a passion for both. Fabien is a watch-maker by trade, he enjoys the precision of the job and that translates to his moth. When ask what is the best watch in the world? “No question, Patek Philippe, all of the pieces inside the watch are hand made to perfection!” Come to find out the cost of the cheapest watch is 10,000 CHF, and it can take two weeks to four months to make a single watch. JP Ziegert also introduced Fabien to Moth Sailing in 2009 and Fabien’s first regatta was the Silvaplana European Championship.

Video below!



August 8, 2014 EFG MothEuroCup Act 4, Day 1 from EFG MothEuroCup on Vimeo.