Swiss-British Battle for the Top

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The sailors were greeted with another picture perfect day of racing today, laced with some grey skies and some occasional rain. The PRO, Eiko Dietrich, together with his team, was able to get 4 races off with some gusty southerly breeze between 12-18 knots. Early on it was Ben Paton setting the pace after changing to his KA Sail and his small front horizontal. He clearly dominated the first race with another bullet and with the first discard kicking in he was now tied for first with Chris Rast.


The sailors were taking bigger risks and with the pin end being favorite there were a couple of close calls with port tackers making their way through all the star board tackers. After a couple of general recalls the black flag finally came up and everybody got off to a clean start. Again Ben  Paton with some blistering speed was the guy to beat. Eventually Chris Rast was able to slip past him on the last upwind and take the win.

In the mean time some good battles were taking place for third place between Andrew Friend, Dan Ward, Max Maege and Nils Akervall. All sailors had improved a lot after yesterday’s racing and many took advantage of the sailor’s debrief organized by the German Moth Class Association. The top sailors were happy to answer any questions in order to help everyone get around the course faster.


Going into the 4th and the last race of the day, Chris Rast had put another point between him and Ben Paton. With some match racing moves and another Black Flag start the pressure was on for both sailors to get this one right. Both ended up having a clean start and looking for the next puff. It was Dan Ward leading around the first mark with Chris Rast hot on his heels and Ben Paton working his way through the fleet after a bad tack cost him some valuable ground. In the mean time Chris put the afterburners on to take the lead by the bottom mark and never looked back. With some newly found speed he made the 4-lap race work for him and won it with a handsome lead. With his 5th bullet in the regatta, it looks like he has wrapped up the regatta and will once again enjoy receiving the Euro 1000 prize money for first place, with one race to spare. Also Ben Paton is uncontested for his 2nd place after 9 races, as one more discard will kick in if the fleet gets another race in tomorrow.


Some more free drinks and a German Barbeque are on schedule for tonight and since the forecast for tomorrow doesn’t look that great we will see plenty of sailors enjoying the festivities.

Top five in the overall results:

  1. Chris Rast, 11 pts
  2. Ben Paton, 14 pts
  3. Nils Akervall, 33 pts
  4. Dan Ward, 39 pts
  5. Andrew Friend, 42 pts