Wet suit on, off, on, off, on, off….

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Finally some breeze today for the 6th Act of the EFG MothEuroCup. The Race Committee had everyone show up early for a possible 8AM start. Wetsuit on. Only one brave moth made it all the way out to the RC, having to pass through some serious doldrums in order to get to the northerly breeze in the middle of the lake. After some intermittent foiling conditions the northerly finally completely died and the RC headed back in for their obligatory Cappuccinos and Brioches. Wetsuit off.

After a lot of boat park chatting and some pasta for lunch the sailors headed back out in a renewed, light Northerly. Wetsuit back on! But, again the northerly died and all sailors got sent back in. Wetsuit off.

Again the chatting started, tools and splicing utensils came out to further optimize boats. Around 3PM the sailors got sent out again in a nicely filling southerly. Wetsuit on.

But this time the breeze finally stayed in and we got a couple of races off! A couple of dark clouds came in over the south-westerly shore and the knot meter increased handsomely in to the upper teens for a while. Immediately it was Giovanni Galeotti and Chris Rast that took an early lead by the first windward mark. Carlo de Paoli and a couple of other Italians went for an immediate gybe and made big gains as the clouds on the right side of the course started to bring in more pressure and a significant right shift. At the end of the last beat Rast was able to gybe inside De Paoli at the offset mark and stay ahead until the finish.

The second race was similar in breeze with more pressure and more righties further right. Again it was De Paoli, Galeotti and Rast battling it out for the podium spots. Racing was tight all the way until the last upwind mark with all three boats passing the mark within 10 seconds! Rast got away with another inside gybe at the offset to take a second win.

Another race was started, but was abandoned after the first lap when the breeze died. So everyone made their way back to Acquafresca. Wetsuit off (for the last time today, hurray!).

Off the starting line, quite a few of the newer guys have showed very promising increases in their performance. Especially Adriano Petrino and Benoit Marie are clearly going faster with their newly modified Mach2s.  Lowering the mast stump is not a simple project, but the gains in speed and easier boat handling are considerable.

For tomorrow the Race Committee wants us to be ready for the first warning signal at 8AM again…. Hmmmm, the sailors are not really too excited about it, but the morning breeze, called the “Peler” here on lake Garda can deliver some exceptional sailing conditions. Hopefully Lake Garda will deliver and it will be wetsuit on!


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