Act 6 – Germany

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SCLW 24.-26.7.

34 participants from  5 nations, including new Melges 24 World Champion Chris Rast from Switzerland, attended the german Eurocup event at lovely Lake Walchensee.

At registration every participant gets dyneema ropes from sponsor FSE Robline.
Sunny weather, after the wind died it came back in the afternoon with 10-15 ktns.
We got 3 races in nice foiling condition. After sailing we were chilling with free beer and an excellent dinner with delicious tiramisu and drinks until midnight, brought from our fellow Moth friend Daniel Rieger. All sponsored from Frankfurt Trust.

Storm was in the forecast. The 4th Race starts in 15-18 knts wind increasing. In the 5th Race it gusts up to 30 knts. After the 5th race was finished all sailors had to go to shore as races where cancelled for today. The storm hit us with gusts up to 34 ktns. A few sailors needed support to get back to shore with broken stays and wingbars.
Relaxed afternoon in the club with coffee and cake after all stuff was save ashore. While waiting for the BBQ the several top speeds and nose dives were discussed.
Performer of the day was Markus Hirsch with 31 Knots. New personal topspeed and new leader of the austrian speed ranking.

Walchensee at it´s best! Sunny weather, no clouds, thermal winds… 5 races in 12- 18 ktns of wind were sailed. Maybe a bit too hard for a few old man having 5 races with full distance and even some young guys seemed to be at their limit.
Chris Rast (SUI 7) ,  7th of the last Moth World Championships took the win with 7 bullets, 2 seconds and a DNC in the last race.
Max Mäge was second, beating Chris Rast one time and taking one more bullet and most of the second places with a comfortable lead to the third Michael Schönleitner from Austria which saved an invulnerable third place.
Price giving with non-cash prices for every sailor, was held outside in a warm Sunday afternoon. Thanks to our sponsor Frankfurt Trust, MUSTO and FSE Robline.
We hope to see you all again in 2016!!

written by Carlo Mäge

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