Act1 – Slovenia Review

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Act 1 of the 2018 Series was great fun! It was a perfectly organized event in the newly built Club.

We had really hot and sunny weather with predicted Seabreeze every day. Unfortunately thunderstorms further east stopped the thermal wind every day and therefor we just managed to get one marginal race in.

We enjoyed the time and had some time to work on our boats and we all enjoyed the great hospitality and the good food of Klub Pirat Portoroz.

Congratulation to the winner Carlo de Paoli who showed a fantastic performance.


  1. Carlo de Paoli
  2. Michael Schönleitner
  3. Max Stelzl
  4. Adriano Petrino
  5. Thomas Huber
  6. Philipp Rakuschan
  7. Carlo Mäge
  8. Franziska Mäge
  9. Philipp Hribar
  10. Luka Tomori
  11. Markus Grebenstein
  12. Gian Maria Ferrighi

Michael Thias
Attila Bujaky
Marco Pihlar
Christoph Aichholzer
Marco Lanulfi